IP-RS: Access to Public Information Act

2015-05-04, 3:39 PM

Access to Public Information Act
Access to Public Information Act, published on 22 March 2003 (Official Gazette of RS. No. 24/2003) with
changes and amendements (latest change: Official Gazette of RS, No. 19/15, Decision of Constitutional Court
of Slovenia).

The English language translation of the text below is provided for information only and confers no rights nor
imposes any obligations on anyone. Only the official publication of the Act in Slovene language, as published
and promulgated in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, is authentic. This translation was
prepared by the office of of the Commissioner for access to public information. Translation of ZDIJZ-C
amendments were prepared by the Ministry of the Interior of Republic of Slovenia


Article 1
(Contents of the Act)

(1) This Act governs the procedure which ensures everyone free access to and re-use of public information
held by state bodies, local government bodies, public agencies, public funds and other entities of public law,
public powers holders and public service contractors (hereinafter referred to as "the bodies").
(2) With the adoption of this Act, the following European Union directives are implemented into the
Slovenian legal system: Directive 2003/4/ES of the European parliament and of the Council, of 28 January
2003 on public access to environmental information and repealing Council Directive 90/313/EEC and
Directive 2003/98/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 November 2003 on the re-use of
public sector information.

Article 1.a

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