(a) State agencies:
(b) Local governments;
(c) Public institutions under Article 2 of the Act on the Management of Public Institutions;
(d) Other institutions prescribed by Presidential Decree.
Article 3 (Principles of Disclosing Information)
Any information kept and managed by public institutions shall be disclosed to the public in an active
manner, as prescribed by this Act, to ensure people’s right to know.
Article 4 (Scope of Application)
(1) The disclosure of information shall be governed by this Act, except as otherwise expressly provided
for in other Acts.
(2) Each local government may formulate its ordinances concerning information disclosure with regard to
its duties within the scope under statutes.
(3) This Act shall not apply to any information collected or prepared by agencies which take charge of
information related to national security and security work for the purpose of analyzing information related
to national security: Provided, That this shall not apply to preparation, provision, or disclosure of
information lists under Article 8 (1).
Article 5 (Applicants for Information Disclosure)
(1) Every national has a right to request information disclosure.
(2) Foreigners’ requests for information disclosure shall be prescribed by Presidential Decree.
Article 6 (Obligations of Public Institutions)
(1) Public institutions shall enforce this Act and modify related statutes to ensure that people’s right to
request information disclosure is respected.
(2) Public institutions shall organize the information management system for proper preservation and
expeditious search of information, have a department or human resources in charge of duties related to
information disclosure, and endeavor to establish the information disclosure system by using the
information and communications network.
Article 7 (Official Announcement, etc. of Administrative Information)
(1) Public institutions shall decide on the detailed scope of information disclosure and period, timing and
methods for such disclosure in advance, and shall officially announce any of the following information in
accordance with the abovementioned standard: Provided, That this shall not apply to any information
falling under any subparagraph of Article 9 (1):
1. Information pertaining to any policy which has significant effects on people’s life;
2. Information pertaining to any project which requires a large-scale budget, including works
undertaken in accordance with the State policy;
3. Information required for administrative supervision, including details of budget execution and results
of project evaluation;

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