Egypt Telecommunication Regulation Law – February 2003

Egypt Telecommunication Regulation Law
Law No. 10 of 2003

PART 1 - General Provisions
Article 1: Terms and definitions
1. The Authority (the NTRA)
The National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority.
2. The Minister Concerned
The Minister in charge of telecommunication matters.
3. Telecommunication
Any mean for transmitting or receiving signs, signals, messages, texts, images or
sounds of whatsoever nature whether through wired or wireless communication.
4. Telecommunication Service
Providing or operating telecommunication through whatsoever mean.
5. Telecommunication Network
The system or the group of integrated systems for telecommunication including any
needed infrastructure.
6. The User
Any individual or juristic person who uses or benefits from Telecommunication
7. Telecommunication Service Provider
Any individual or juristic person authorized by the NTRA to provide one or more of
the Telecommunication Services.
8. The Operator
Any individual or juristic person authorized by the NTRA to construct and operate a
Telecommunication Network.

National Telecom. Reg.Authority


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