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Anti-Terrorism Law no. 55 of Year 2006

According to Article (31) of the Constitution, and based on the decision of the Upper and
Lower Houses of Parliament, we hereby endorse the following Law, and order issuing it and
adding it to other State Laws:
Article One

This Law is to be called “Anti-Terrorism Law of Year 2006”, and will be effective as of the
date of its publication in the Official Gazette.
Article Two

The following words and expressions shall have the following denotations wherever they
appear in this Law unless otherwise indicated:
The Kingdom: the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
The Prosecutor General: Prosecutor General of the State Security Court.

Security authorities: Any official authority specialized in security in accordance with the
legal provisions.
Terrorist act: any deliberate action committed by any means, leading to killing or physically
hurting any person, or causing damages to public or private property, or to the means of
transportation, the environment, the infrastructure, or the utilities of international
organizations or diplomatic missions, and aimed at breaching public order and jeopardizing
the safety and security of society, obstructing the application of the Constitution’s provisions,
affecting the policy of the State or the government, or forcing them to perform or refrain
from performing a specific deed, or disrupting national security through intimidation,
terrorization, or violence.
Article Three

Taking into consideration the provisions of the effective Penal Law, terrorist actions are
prohibited, and the following acts are considered part thereof:
a. Performing any direct or indirect act towards providing or collecting or raising
funds for the purpose of committing a terrorist act, while being aware that they
would be entirely or partially used for this act, and whether or not this act was
actually performed inside the Kingdom or against its citizens or interests abroad.
b. Recruiting people inside or outside the Kingdom to join groups that aim at
performing terrorist acts inside the Kingdom or against its citizens or interests


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