Ret: Trans.,21 3 07-2 Proj.



c. Establishing a group, organization, or society with the aim of committing
terrorist acts inside the Kingdom or against its citizens or interests abroad, or
joining such a group.
Article Four

a) If the Prosecutor General received reliable information indicating that a person or
group of persons are connected to any terrorist activity, the Prosecutor General can
issue any of the following decisions:
1- Impose surveillance over the residence of the suspect, his movements, and his
means of communication.
2- Prohibit any suspect from travelling.
3- Search the place in which the suspect is present, and confiscate anything
connected to terrorist activity in accordance with the provisions of this Law.
4- Impose precautionary seizure of money assumed to be connected to terrorist
b) Any decision issued in conformity with paragraph (a) of this Article shall be valid for
the duration of one month.
c) The suspect has the right to protest at the State Security Court (SSC) about the
decision issued against him according to paragraph (a) of this Article, and the SSC in
turn must make its decision within one week of his application. If the protest was
rejected the suspect has the right to appeal again within three days of reporting the
decision to the Court of Cassation, which must issue its decision within one week of
receiving the appeal.
d) Decisions of rejections issued by the State Security Court after a case is referred to it
can be appealed by the suspect before the Court of Cassation within three days of his
receiving the decision. The Court of Cassation has to make a decision about the appeal
within one week of receiving it.
Article Five

Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in any other legislation, anyone who becomes
aware of the existence of a terrorist scheme, or of any information connected to a terrorist
activity within the Kingdom or against its citizens or interests abroad, must report to the
Prosecutor General or the security authorities.
Article Six

Any person who knowingly presents false, misleading, or fabricated information to the
security authorities about a terrorist action shall be punished by detention for a period varying
between six months and three years, or by paying a fine not less than one thousand Dinars and
not exceeding three thousand Dinars, or by both penalties together.

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