Issued on 28/7 / 2004 
Corresponding to 11 Jumâdâ al - Akhir 1425 H . 
We , Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan , President of the United Arab Emirates , 
Pursuant to the perusal of the Constitution , and 
Federal Law no . 1 of 1972 pertaining to the Jurisdictions of Ministries and the Competences of Ministers 
and the amending laws thereof , and 
Federal Law no . 10 of 1973 on the Federal Supreme Court and the amending laws thereof , and 
Federal Law no . 11 of 1976 on Firearms , Ammunitions , and Explosives and the amending laws thereof , 
Federal Law no . 10 of 1980 pertaining to the Central Bank , the Monetary System and the Organization 
of the Banking Profession , and the amending laws thereof , and 
Penal Code issued by the Federal Law no . 3 of 1987 , and 
The Law of Criminal Procedures issued by the Federal Law no . 35 of 1992 , and 
Federal Law no . 4 of 2002 pertaining to the incrimination of Money Laundering , and 
Acting upon the proposal of the Minister of Justice , Islamic Affairs and Endowment and the Minister of 
Interior , and the consent of the Counsel of Ministers , 
Have promulgated the following Decree - Law : 

Article 1 - 
In the implementation of the provisions hereof , the following terms and phrases shall have the 
meanings assigned for each of them unless the context requires otherwise : 
State : The United Arab Emirates State 
Government : The Federal government and the government of the emirates . 
Public properties : Real estates and movables of the State , public judicial persons or whatever is 
assigned for public interest . 
Public facilities : Projects established by the government or supervised thereby , as well as the 
services and activities provided thereby in view of achieving one of the purposes of public 
interest for the service of the public . 
Traditional arms : Firearms , ammunitions , and explosives provided for in the Law on Firearms , 
Ammunitions , and Explosives . 
Untraditional Arms : Nuclear , chemical , and biological arms and substances . 
Funds : Assets of whatever type , whether tangible or intangible , moveable or immoveable , 
including national and foreign currencies , securities , commercial deeds , documents , and deeds 
that prove the possession of assets or any right thereto . 
Returns : The money resulting or accruing directly or indirectly from the perpetration of any 
crime provided for herein . 
Freezing : Ceasing the accounts or funds and the provisional prohibition over the mobilization , 
transfer , exchange or disposal of money . 

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