Constitution of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Constitution of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar
the Tenth day of Kasone Waning, 1370 M.E.
(The Twenty-Ninth day of May, 2008)
Myanmar is a Nation with magnificent historical traditions. We, the National people, have been living in unity and oneness, setting up an
independent sovereign State and standing tall with pride.
Due to colonial intrusion, the Nation lost her sovereign power in 1885. The National people launched anti-colonialist struggles and National
liberation struggles, with unity in strength, sacrificing lives and hence the Nation became an independent sovereign State again on 4th January 1948.
In order to gain independence speedily, the Constitution was hastily drafted, and it was adopted by the Constitutent Assembly on 24th September
1947. After attaining independence, Parliamentary Democracy System was practised in the State in accord with the Constitution of the Union of
Myanmar. However, as democratic system could not be effectively materialized, the new Constitution of the Socialist Republic of the Union of
Myanmar was drafted based on the single party system, and after holding a National Referendum, a socialist democratic State was set up in 1974.
The Constitution came to an end because of the general situation occurred in 1988.
Later, due to public aspirations, the State Peace and Development Council made efforts to adopt multi-party democratic system and market economy
in accord with the National situation.
As an enduring Constitution, that guarantees long-term benefits, has become essential for the future nation, the State Peace and Development
Council convened the National Convention in 1993.
Persons who are well experienced in various aspects of politics, security, administration, economics, social and law as well as National races
representatives of all townships in the Nation took part in the National Convention.
Despite many difficulties and disturbances encountered the National Convention, it was unwaveringly reconvened in 2004 in accord with the sevenstep Roadmap adopted in 2003. As the National Convention was able to adopt the Basic Principles and Detailed Basic Principles for formulating a
Constitution, it successfully concluded on 3rd September 2007.
We, the National people, drafted this Constitution of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar in accord with the Basic Principles and Detailed Basic
Principles laid down by the National Convention.
We, the National people, firmly resolve that we shall :
- steadfastly adhere to the objectives of non-disintegration of the Union, nondisintegration of National solidarity, and perpetuation of sovereignty;
- stalwartly strive for further burgeoning the eternal principles namely justice, liberty, equality and perpetuation of peace and prosperity of the
National people; - uphold racial equality, living eternally in unity fostering the firm Union Spirit of true patriotism;
- constantly endeavour to uphold the principles of peaceful co-existence among nations with a view to having world peace and friendly relations
among nations.
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