In the name of the people
Council of Ministers
Based on the approval of the National Assembly in accordance with article thirty three,
paragraphs (A and B) of the TAL, and based on the provisions of article thirty seven of
the mentioned law;
The Council of Ministers in its session on 07 November 2005 decided to issue the
following law:

Number (13) for the Year 2005

Anti-Terrorism Law
Article 1
Definition of Terrorism

Every criminal act committed by an individual or an organized group that targeted an
individual or a group of individuals or groups or official or unofficial institutions and
caused damage to public or private properties, with the aim to disturb the peace, stability,
and national unity or to bring about horror and fear among people and to create chaos to
achieve terrorist goals.

Article 2
The following acts are considered acts of terrorism
1. Violence or threats which aim to bring about fear among people or expose their lives,
freedoms and security to danger and their money and properties to damage regardless
of its motives and purposes which takes place in the execution of a terrorist act,
individually or collectively organized.
2. Work with violence or threat to deliberately sabotage or wreck, ruin or damage
buildings or public property, government interests, institutions, state departments, the
private sector or public utilities and public places prepared for public use or public
meetings for the public or public funds, and an attempt to occupy it or to seize it or
expose it to danger or prevent its use for the purpose for which it was prepared with
the aim of disrupting the security and stability.

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