3. Anyone who organized, chaired or participated in an armed terrorist gang that
practices and plans for terrorism and also contributes and participates in this act.
4. Use violence or threat to stir up sectarian strife or civil war or sectarian infighting by
arming citizens or by encouraging them to arm themselves and by incitement or
5. Assail with firearms army and police offices, volunteer centers, security offices, and
assault national military troops or their reinforcement, communication lines or their
camps or bases, with a terrorist motive.
6. Assault with firearms, with a terrorist motive, embassies and diplomatic entities
throughout Iraq as well as all Iraqi institutions, foreign and Arab companies and
institutions and governmental and non-governmental and international organizations
operating in Iraq in accordance with a valid agreement.
7. Use, with terrorist motives, explosive and incendiary devices designed to kill people,
and possess the ability to do so, or to spread fear among the people, either through
blowing up or releasing or spreading, or planting or bubby trapping equipment or
human bodies, regardless of their forms or through the effect of poisonous chemicals
or biological agents or similar radioactive materials or toxins.
8. Kidnap or impede the freedoms of individuals or detain them either for financial
blackmailing for political, sectarian, national, religious or racially beneficial purposes
that threaten security and national unity and promote terrorism.

Article 3
The following acts are specifically considered amongst
the crimes against State security
1. Any act with terrorist motives, that threatens the national unity and the safety of
society and affects the State security and its stability or weakens the capacity of the
security services in defending and protecting the security of citizens, their properties,
State borders and its institutions either through armed confrontation with State forces
or any other act that deviates from the freedom of expression which the law
2. Any act that includes the attempt to use force or violence to overthrow the regime or
the form of government as set forth in the Constitution.

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