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UPDATED: June 2017 | SOURCE: Telenor Group with support from Hogan

Provision of Real-time Lawful Interception Assistance
A broad range of government and law enforcement agencies – including,
amongst others, the Singapore Police Force, the security services, government
ministries, most pertinently the Ministry for Home Affairs and the Ministry of
Communications and Information, and regulatory authorities such as the Infocommunications Media Development Authority (“IMDA”) – have the legal
authority to require Telco Operators to intercept individual customer
communications and to require these operators to assist them in implementing
interception capabilities on the operator’s network.
Strictly speaking, these authorities do not need court orders to intercept calls,
emails or other communications in Singapore. The key relevant powers are
found under the Criminal Procedure Code, Computer Misuse and
Cybersecurity Act, Telecommunications Act and Official Secrets Act, and these
powers are worded broadly. There is no general right to privacy under the
Constitution of Singapore.
Section 58 of the Telecommunications Act (“TA”) gives the Minister for
Communications and Information the powers to issue to the IMDA or to a Telco
Operator such directions as the Minister thinks necessary. This may include:
• the prohibition and regulation of telecommunications as necessary;
• taking control of the use of any telecommunication system and equipment;
• the stopping, delaying, and censoring of messages as the Minister thinks



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