Service provider: Damage: Subscriber’s information: Employee: Confinement: Imprisonment: body authorised thereby to prove the relation and connection between the website and electronic signature data. Any person who provides the users of his service with the capability of communication by means of information technology, or any person who processes, stores or hosts computer data on behalf of any information service provider or the users of such service. The destruction of electronic programmes, either wholly or partly, or damage of the same in a manner that renders them unusable. The information available with the service provider and pertaining to the service subscribers, including the type of communications service used; technical requirements; duration of the service; identity, postal or geographical address or telephone of the subscriber; payment information available on the basis of the service agreement or installation; and any other information on the site of installation of the communication equipment based on the service agreement. Each person who works in the public sector, private sector, private institutions, local government units, civil society organisations, associations, or private companies, in which the State is a shareholder, and all those alike. The placement of a person sentenced by a court decision in a prison of the State for a period that ranges from one week to three years. The placement of a person sentenced by a court decision in a prison of the State for a period that ranges from three years to fifteen years. Article 2 1. The provisions of this Law by Decree shall be applicable to any of the crimes provided for thereunder in the event they are perpetrated either wholly or partly inside or outside Palestine or their impact extends inside Palestine, and whether the perpetrator is original, accomplice, abettor or accessory, on condition that the crimes are punishable outside Palestine and subject to the general principles provided under the Penal Law in force. 2. Each person who perpetrates outside Palestine one of the crimes provided for under this Law by Decree may be prosecuted in any of the following cases: a. If it is perpetrated by a Palestinian citizen. b. If is perpetrated against Palestinian parties or interests. c. If it is perpetrated against foreign parties or interests by a foreign national or a stateless person, whose usual place of residence is within Palestine, or by a foreign national or a stateless person who is present in the Palestinian territory, but concerning whom the legal conditions of extradition are not fulfilled. Article 3 1. A specialised cybercrime unit shall be established within the police agency and security forces, comprising officers vested with judicial duties. The Public Prosecution shall be responsible for providing judicial supervision over it, each in the area of his jurisdiction. 2. Regular courts and the Public Prosecution, in accordance with their jurisdictions, shall hear cybercrime cases. This document constitutes an un-official transcription/translation. DCAF cannot be held responsible for damages that may arise from its use. For official reference, please refer to the original text as published by the Palestinian Authorities. DCAF’s Assistance Programme for the Palestinian Security and Justice Sector is supported by the German Federal Foreign Office. Page 3 of 15

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