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Promulgated, SG No. 55/7.07.2000, amended, SG No. 1/4.01.2002,
effective 1.01.2002, SG No. 45/30.04.2002, SG No. 103/23.12.2005,
SG No. 24/21.03.2006, SG No. 30/11.04.2006, SG No.
59/21.07.2006, SG No. 49/19.06.2007, SG No. 57/13.07.2007, , SG
Chapter One
Basic Principles
Section I
Subject and scope
Subject of the act
Art. 1.(Amended, SG No. 49/2007) This act shall regulate the social
relations relating to the access to public information, as well as re-use
of public sector information.
Public information
Art. 2. Within the meaning of this act, public information shall be any
information relating to the social life in the Republic of Bulgaria, and
giving opportunity to the citizens to form their own opinion on the
activities of the persons having obligations under this act.
(2) The information under sub-article 1 shall be deemed public
irrespective of the kind of its physical bearer.
(3) (New, SG No. 49/2007) Public sector information shall be any kind
of information materialized on paper, electronic or other carrier,
including if it was held as audio or video record, and collected or
generated by a public sector organization.
(4)(Amended, SG No. 1/2002, previous (3), SG No. 49/2007) This act
shall not apply to the access to personal data.
Re-use of public sector information
Art. 2a. (New, SG No. 49/2007) (1)Re-use of public sector information
shall be the use of information for commercial or non-commercial
purposes, different from the initial purpose for which the information has
been generated within the authorities or functions of the public sector
(2) Provision of public sector information to an organization from the
public sector in relation to the exercise of its powers or functions shall
not be re-use within the meaning of this act.
Obliged bodies (Title amended, SG No. 49/2007)
Art. 3. (1) (Amended SG No. 104/2008) This act shall apply to access
to public information that is created by or kept with the state bodies,
their regional offices, and the local self-governance bodies of the
Republic of Bulgaria, hereinafter referred to as "the bodies".
(2) (Amended SG No. 104/2008) This act shall also apply to the access
to public information, which is created by and kept with:
1. bodies, subject to the public law, other than those under sub-art. 1,
including public law organizations;
2. individuals and legal entities as far as only their activities financed
with funds from the consolidated state budget, subsidies from the

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