For the purposes of the present law, the below terms will have the meaning assigned to them as follows: Writing​​: The process of writing or recording letters, numbers, characters or symbols, provided that they are legible and comprehensible, regardless of the format used (paper or electronic) and the medium through which the information is transferred. Electronic Document​​: An ordinary or official document as defined by the Civil Procedure Law, issued in an electronic form pursuant to Article 8 herein. Signature​​: The signature required to complete a legal process in order to identify the party thereto and confirm their consent to the signed legal process. Service Provider​​: A public or private law enforcement officer who issues the certificates of authentication after applying the protection measures to secure one or all of the functions outlined in Article 15 herein. Electronic Commerce​​: An activity whereby a person provides or remotely offers goods and services to another person. Bank Card​​: An instrument issued by a bank or an institution licensed by Banque Du Liban, allowing its holder to withdraw cash money or perform electronic payments or any other banking or financial services. Electronic Money​​: Electronic monetary units stored in electronic form. Network Service Provider​​: A business or organization that enables the user to access an electronic communication network and provides the latter with direct information transfer services, including the temporary storage of information sent provided it does not result in the modification of any stored data and the storage of information is solely used to deliver the service successfully without exceeding the assigned time limit. Data Host​​: A system used to store third-party information of any type, either free of charge or in return for a consideration, and make it accessible to the public through direct communication services.

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