enterprises, government corporations and joint ventures and all other bodies and
institutions established by law. This definition also includes any organization or institution
which is owned, controlled or substantially funded by one of the institutions defined above
as well as any other body which undertakes a public function.
Article 4
The Access to Information Commission, hereinafter, is referred to as the “Commission” in this

Chapter 2
Method of access to information
Right to access information:
Article 5
(1) An applicant is entitled to right of access to information from institutions according the
provisions of this law.
(2) Institutions are responsible to provide information to applicants and the public according to
provisions of this law.
Request for information
Article 6
(1) The applicant shall request in writing or use the access to information form and refer to the
relevant institution in order to request information.
(2) The Information Request Form shall be prepared by the Commission and shall be made
widely accessible to the public for free in both printed and electronic format.
(3) The applicant is not required to give reasons for requesting the information or to name
specific documents. The applicant shall only be required to provide information necessary
to identify the information requested and to provide it to the applicant.
(4) Institutions shall respond to applicants in a written or electronic format that is accessible to
the applicant.
Protection of individuals
Article 7
Institutions shall protect individuals who disclose information related to corruption,
mismanagement, failure to provide justice, criminal violation, breach of law, violation of human
rights, and serious damage to the safety of the public and the environment.

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