The latest news regarding digital rights legislation.

Sudan Passes New Anti-Cybercrime Law

On June 10, Sudan passed the 2018 Law on Combating Cybercrime, which will coexist with the 2007 Cybercrime Law. The law harshly punishes the spread “fake news”; according to Article 23, "anyone who uses the information network, communications or any means of information, communications or applications to disseminate any news, rumor or report, To cause public fear or panic, to threaten public safety and to diminish the prestige of the State, shall be punished by imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year, flogging or fine.”

Egyptian Parliament Passes “Social Media Law”

The Egyptian Parliament recently passed the so-called “social media law,” which stipulates that owners of social media accounts with over 5,000 followers are subjected to the same harsh laws as media outlets, representing another move to restrict the press in Egypt.

Gulf Centre for Human Rights Maps Cybercrime Laws Across the Gulf

In a recent report titled “Mapping Cybercrime Laws and Violations of Digital Rights in the Gulf and Neighbouring Countries”, the Gulf Centre for Human Rights outlines the way countries across the region have passed cybercrimes laws and set up specialized cybercrime courts to clamp down on freedom of expression and imprison human rights defenders.

SMEX Presents Cyrilla at the IGF

In December, the SMEX team presented a beta version of Cyrilla and led a series of lightning talks at the IGF. In this session, SMEX solicited feedback from digital rights practitioners on the usability of the dataset, the type of legal data included, and potential use cases.