The Case of Ricardo Martinelli
Case Law
Ashutosh Dubey v. Netflix, Inc.
Case Law
President Jair Messias Bolsonaro vs. Federal Council of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB)
Case Law
Vetticad and Dorsey v. State of Rajasthan
Case Law
Ashcroft v. American Civil Liberties Union
Case Law
Knight First Amendment Institute v. Trump (Rehearing)
Case Law
Nunes v. Twitter, Inc.
Case Law
Khan v. State of West Bengal
Case Law
Amnesty International Togo and Ors v. The Togolese Republic
Case Law
Foundation for Media Professionals v. Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir & Anr.
Case Law
Copy of Broadcasting and Television Businesses Act BE 2551 (2008)
Copy of Thai Broadcasting Public Service Act
Copy of Thailand Act on Organization to Assign Radio Frequency and to Regulate the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Services B E 2553 (2010)
Copy of Thailand CCA amendment 2016
Copy of Thailand Printing Recordation Act BE 2550 (2007)
Copy of Thailand Radio Broadcasting Law 1955
TH EN StateofEmergency 2005
Copy of Singapor Broadcasting act
Copy of Singapore Personal Data Protection Act 2012.docx
Copy of Singapore Computer Misuse Act.doc
Copy of Singapore cybersecurity bill 2 2018
Copy of Singapore MDA Act 2002
Copy of Singapore Newspaper and Printing Presses Act 1974
Copy of Singapore Official Secrets Act
Copy of Singapore penal code
Copy of Singapore Public Order Act
Copy of Singapore undesirable publications act 1998 rev.doc
Copy of Myanmar 1962 Printers and Publishers Registation Act.doc
Copy of Myanmar 2011 Peaceful Assembly and Procession Act en
Copy of Myanmar 2015 08 28 Broadcasting Law en red
Copy of Lao Cyber Crime Law EnVersion
Copy of Lao Press Law, dated 25 July 2008
Copy of Laos Penal Law (2005) Eng
Copy of Laos Telecommunications Law
Copy of WTACCLAO36A1 LEG 1 Lao Law on Telecommunications 2011
TH EN ETransactions 2008
TH TH 2001 Electronic Transactions Act
BN EN PenalCode)1952
BN EN ComputerMisuse 2000
BN EN BroadcastingCOP 2001
Copy of Act 301 Printing Presses And Publications Act 1984
Copy of Malaysia Electronic Commerce
Copy of Malaysia MCMC Communication Multimedia Content Code V6
Copy of Indonesia Broadcasting Law
BN EN Etransactions 2001
Copy of Timor Leste CodigoPenalEn
Copy of Timor Leste Decree Law 15 2012
Copy of Timor Leste LeiImprensa2May2014en
Copy of TL Press council DL25 2015KonsImpEn
Copy of Vietnam Law 103 2016 Law on Press.doc
Copy of Vietnam Decree No.97 2008 ND.CP (28.8.2008)
Copy of Vietnam Media Law 1999
Copy of Vietnam Ordinance on ON STATE SECRETS PROTECTION
Copy of Vietnam penal code
Copy of Vietnam publishing law19 2012 QH13.doc
Copy of VN 07 2012 TTLT BTTTT BVHTTDL on copyright.doc
Copy of VN CSDLVBQPPL Bộ Tư pháp Radio Frequencies
Copy of VN decree to regulate the foreign press.doc
Copy of VN memo on 97 2008 decree.doc
BN EN BroadcastingLicense 2001
Copy of VN Decree No72 2013 ND CP
Copy of VN Law 24 on Cybersecurity 2018
Copy of VN Law IT (67 2006 QH11)
BN EN Broadcasting 1997
BN EN Telecommunicatoins 2001
BN EN OfficialSecrets 1940
BN EN UndersirablePublications 1986
BN EN NewspaperAct 1958
C.A. No. 108 • An Act to Punish Acts of Evasion of the Laws on the Nationalization of Certain Rights, Franchises or Privileges • The Corpus Juris
Pwc ph tax code feb 2020
ACT No. 3326
Twitter, Inc. v. Barr
Case Law
Balu Gopalakrishnan v. State of Kerala and Ors.
Case Law
Kumar v. Central Bureau of Investigation
Case Law
HiQ Labs v. LinkedIn Corp.
Case Law
BILD v. Mabb
Case Law
Ramdev v. Facebook
Case Law
CasaPound v. Facebook
Case Law
Gqubele-Mbeki v. Economic Freedom Fighters
Case Law
Mdzinarashvili v. Georgian National Communications Commission
Case Law
Banashree Gogoi v. Union of India
Case Law
Alok Srivastava v. India
Case Law
The Case of Mr T
Case Law
Shakir Ali v. Channel 5 Broadcast Ltd
Case Law
Bhasin v. Union of India
Case Law
The Case of Ayse Celikel
Case Law
The Case of Wikimedia Foundation Inc. and Others
Case Law

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