The Case of Ricardo Martinelli
Case Law
Ashutosh Dubey v. Netflix, Inc.
Case Law
President Jair Messias Bolsonaro vs. Federal Council of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB)
Case Law
Vetticad and Dorsey v. State of Rajasthan
Case Law
Ashcroft v. American Civil Liberties Union
Case Law
Knight First Amendment Institute v. Trump (Rehearing)
Case Law
Nunes v. Twitter, Inc.
Case Law
Khan v. State of West Bengal
Case Law
Amnesty International Togo and Ors v. The Togolese Republic
Case Law
Foundation for Media Professionals v. Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir & Anr.
Case Law
Broadcasting and Television Businesses Act B.E. 2551 (2008)
Public Broadcasting Service Act B.E. 2551 (2008)
Act on Organization to Assign Radio Frequency and to Regulate the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Services B.E. 2553 (2010)
Cybercrime Act Amendment B.E. 2559 (2016)
Printing Recordation Act, B.E. 2550 (2007)
Radio Communications Act B.E. 2498 (1955)
Emergency Decree on Public Administration in Emergency Situation B.E. 2548
Broadcasting Act 15 of 1994
Personal Data Protection Act 26 of 2012
Computer Misuse Act 19 of 1993 (Rev. 2007)
Cybersecurity Act 9 of 2018
Media Development Authority of Singapore Act 34 of 2002
Newspaper and Printing Presses Act 12 of 1974 (Rev. 2002)
Official Secrets Act (Rev. 2012)
Penal Code (Rev. 2008)
Public Order Act 15 of 2009 (Rev. 2012)
Undesirable Publications Act 3 of 1967 (Rev. 1998)
1962 Printers and Publishers Registration Law
The Right to Peaceful Assembly and Peaceful Procession Act (The Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Law No. 15/2011)
Broadcasting Law (The Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Law No.53, 2015)
Burma Wireless Telegraphy Act 1934
Law on Prevention and Combating Cyber Crime
Law on the Media
Penal Law
Telecommunication Law
Law on Telecommunications
Electronic Transactions Act (No. 2) B.E. 2551 (2008)
Electronic Transactions Act B.E. 2544 (2001)
Penal Code Section 16 of 1951 (Chapter 22)
Computer Misuse Act Section 65 of 2000 (Chapter 194)
Broadcasting (Code of Practice) Notification of 1998
Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984
Electronic Commerce Act 2006
Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Content Code
Broadcasting Law (No. 32/2002)
Electronic Transactions Act Section 93 of 2000 (Chapter 196)
Decree Law No. 12/2003 Establishing the Communications Regulatory Authority and Approving the Statutes Thereof
Penal Code
Decree Law No. 15/2012 on the Regulation of the Telecommunications Sector
Media Law 5/2014
Decree Law No. 25/2015 Establishing the Press Council and Approving its Statutes
Press Law No. 103/2016/QH13
Decree No. 97/2008/ND-CP: Management, Provision and Use of Internet Services and Electronic Information on the Internet
Media Law
Ordinance on State Secrets Protection No. 30/2000/PL-UBTVQH10
Penal Code No.15/1999/QH10
Publishing Law No. 19/2012/QH13
Joint Circular No.7/2012/TTLT-BTTTT-BVHTTDL: Stipulating Duty of Enterprises Providing Intermediary Service in Protection of Copyright and Related Rights in the Internet and Telecommunication Networks Regulation
Law on Radio Frequencies 42/2009/QH12
Decree No. 88/2012/ND-CP: Regulation on Activities of Information and Press of Foreign Press, Foreign Representative Agencies and Organizations in Vietnam
Circular No.14/2010/TT-BTTTT: Detailing a Number of Articles on Management of Websites and Online Social Network Services of the Government's Decree No. 97/2008/ND-CP
Broadcasting (Class License) Notification of 2001
Decree No. 72/2013/ ND-CP: Management, Provision and Use of Internet Services and Online Information
Law on Cybersecurity
Law on Information Technology
Broadcasting Act Section 9 of 1997 (Chapter 180)
Telecommunications Order 2001
Official Secrets Act (Chapter 153)
Undesirable Publications Act (Chapter 25)
Newspapers Act Section 11 of 1958
An Act to Punish Acts of Evasion of the Laws on the Nationalization of Certain Rights, Franchises or Privileges - Commonwealth Act No. 108
National Internal Revenue Code of the Philippines
An Act to Establish Periods of Prescription for Violations Penalized by Special Acts and Municipal Ordinances and to Provide when Prescription Shall Begin to Run
Twitter, Inc. v. Barr
Case Law
Balu Gopalakrishnan v. State of Kerala and Ors.
Case Law
Kumar v. Central Bureau of Investigation
Case Law
HiQ Labs v. LinkedIn Corp.
Case Law
BILD v. Mabb
Case Law
Ramdev v. Facebook
Case Law
CasaPound v. Facebook
Case Law
Gqubele-Mbeki v. Economic Freedom Fighters
Case Law
Mdzinarashvili v. Georgian National Communications Commission
Case Law
Banashree Gogoi v. Union of India
Case Law
Alok Srivastava v. India
Case Law
The Case of Mr T
Case Law
Shakir Ali v. Channel 5 Broadcast Ltd
Case Law
Bhasin v. Union of India
Case Law
The Case of Ayse Celikel
Case Law
The Case of Wikimedia Foundation Inc. and Others
Case Law

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