The CYRILLA Collaborative is constantly looking for new partners to contribute to our database. A number of organizations, individuals, and institutions have already uploaded or reviewed legal data from a range of countries. While some organizations have uploaded data from specific regions or countries, others have uploaded data around certain topics. You can find our contributors listed below.

Right to Information (RTI) Laws and Related Collection

The Right to Information (RTI) Rating is the leading global site for assessing the strength of laws giving individuals a right to access information held by public authorities. It assesses the strength of the national legal framework for RTI in every country with an RTI law based on 61 discrete indicators, as well as providing access to the laws. The quality and reliability of the RTI Rating has been recognised by numerous leading RTI experts and it is regularly relied upon by a range of both official and civil society actors. The Global Right to Access Information collection, as part of CYRILLA, provides alternative access to all of the national RTI laws in the world, as well as other information about RTI at the national level.

Country Legal Frameworks

The GNI Country Legal Frameworks Resource (CLFR) is a detailed set of resources examining governments’ legal authorities to intercept communications, obtain access to communications data, or restrict the content of communications in more than 50 countries where GNI company members have a presence. These reports were commissioned by GNI members and produced by leading global and local law firms.

The CLFR reports organize relevant laws, regulations, and standards in six categories, and you can compare these categories of legal powers in up to four countries at once using the CLFR platform. The reports are licensed under Creative Commons and can be shared with attribution; the data is downloadable in CSV format. The reports should not be viewed as legal advice.