TITLE 26 TITLE 26 Chapter 26:02 PREVIOUS CHAPTER INDUSTRIAL DESIGNS ACT Acts 17/1971, 39/1973, 15/1981, 29/1981, 40/1983, 12/1986 (s. 12), 11/1991 (s. 16), 20/1994 (s. 6), 22/2001, 25/2001. ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS PART I PRELIMINARY Section 1. Short title. 2. Interpretation. PART II ADMINISTRATION 3. Industrial Designs Office, Controller, registrars of industrial designs and other officers. 4. Seal. 5. Register of Industrial Designs. PART III REGISTRABLE DESIGNS AND PROCEEDINGS FOR REGISTRATION 6. Designs registrable under Act. 7. Proprietorship of designs. 8. Persons entitled to apply for registration. 9. Application for registration. 9A. Publication of application and opposition thereto. 9B. Registration. 9C. Effective date of registration. 10. Registration of same design in respect of other articles, etc. 11. Provisions for secrecy of certain designs. 12. Provisions as to confidential disclosure, etc. 13. Convention applications. 14. Protocol on Patents and Industrial Designs. PART IV EFFECT OF REGISTRATION, ETC. 15. Right given by registration. 16. Period of copyright in registered design and renewal of registration. 17. Compulsory licence in respect of registered design. PART V USE OF REGISTERED DESIGNS FOR SERVICES OF STATE, ETC. 18. Use of registered designs for service of State. 19. Right of third parties in respect of State use. 20. Special provisions as to State use during emergency. 21. Reference of disputes as to State use. PART VI ASSIGNMENTS, CORRECTIONS AND CANCELLATION 22. Registration of assignments, etc. 23. Power of Registrar to authorize corrections. 24. Rectification of Register. 25. Cancellation of registration by Registrar. PART VII FUNCTIONS OF REGISTRAR IN RELATION TO CERTAIN EVIDENCE, DOCUMENTS AND POWERS

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