5/24/2019 CLFR - Egypt | Global Network Initiative ABOUT THE GNI PRINCIPLES ISSUES MEDIA CONTACT Egypt PROVISION OF REAL-TIME LAWFUL INTERCEPTION ASSISTANCE CONSTITUTION OF EGYPT Articles 57 and 58 of the Constitution of Egypt explicitly protect the privacy of communications, prohibiting their surveillance except with a reasoned court order for a specific time, in accordance with the law. THE EGYPTIAN CRIMINAL CODE AND THE CRIMINAL PROCEDURES CODE According to the Egyptian Criminal Code (Law 58 of 1937) and the Criminal Procedures Code (Law 150 of 1950), a prosecutor or investigative judge may issue a warrant authorizing the interception and recording of individual communications when investigating a possible crime. Under Article 95 of the Criminal Procedures Code, reasoned warrants from a prosecutor or investigative judge can be issued where they assist in the investigation of any felony or misdemeanor attracting a sentence of over three months, for no more than 30 days and can be renewed once; or by a direct order from an authorized member of the armed forces or security agencies. There are no explicit regulations regarding the latter. THE COMMUNICATIONS LAW (LAW 10 OF 2003) The Communications Law (Law 10 of 2003) regulates the communications industry, including law enforcement agencies access to communications and communication infrastructure. It is generally illegal under criminal law to intercept or record private communications except pursuant to a judicial warrant, but the Communications Law allows broad latitude to the armed forces and security agencies to obtain information pursuant to national security concerns, which are not defined. Article 64 of the Communications Law stipulates that telecom companies must ensure that their communications networks allow the Armed Forces and the various national security agencies to exercise their authorities under the law. Article 67 of the Communications Law stipulates that all telecommunications operators and providers shall be https://globalnetworkinitiative.org/clfr-egypt/ 1/5

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