k- Pursue appropriate action as provided under this Law, in order to investigate and take measures against all businesses that are illegal and go against the code of conduct, technical requirements, and requirement of standard of quality of services and telecommunications equipment stipulated in this Law and other regulations; l- Take lead role in the development of the code of conduct in the telecommunications sector. Article 13 The organization and functioning of TRC shall be determined by a Sub-decree. CHAPTER FOUR PERMIT, CERTIFICATE AND LICENSE Article 14 No person may conduct telecommunications operation or declare him/herself as operator or persons involved with the telecommunications sector unless that person has obtained the permit, certificate or license from TRC in accordance with the requirements set out in this Law and other regulations. PART ONE REQIREMENTS FOR THE PERMIT, CERTIFICATE OR LICENSE Article 15 Any person may apply for a permit from TRC to operate the following operations: a- Importation, exportation, supply and distribution of telecommunication equipment; b- Internet service business; c- Sell and/or repair telecommunications equipment; d- Publicize telecommunication book, and e- Other operations to be defined by Prakas of MPTC based on the proposal of TRC. 8 /42

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