LAWS OF MALAWI Cap. 49:02 Patents (Subsidiary) Patents Tribunal Rules SUBSIDIARY LEGISLATION APPOINTMENT NOTICE Under Section 4 The Minister has appointed — (i) (ii) the Registrar General to be Registrar of Patents; the Assistant Registrar General to be Deputy Registrar of Patents. PATENTS TRIBUNAL RULES ARRANGEMENT OF RULES PRELIMINARY RULE NO = Citation Interpretation SOON ANY PARTI APPEALS Entry of appeal Application for an extension of time in which to appeal Notice of hearing Evidence Attendance of witnesses Security on appeal Abandonment or failure to prosecute appeal Frivolous or vexatious appeals PART II APPLICATIONS AND OPPOSITIONS 11. Application for extension of patent 12. Application for compulsory licence in respect of patents relating to food or certain other commodities 13. Dispute as to Government use 14. Revocation of patent 15. Rectification of register 16. Hearing of applications 17. Evidence by affidavit 18. Costs 67

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