IN THE SUPREME COURT OF SEYCHELLES Miscellaneous Application Side: MC 04/2014 [2014] SCSC THE REPUBLIC Applicant versus FABIO SOOPRAMANIAN Respondent Heard: 2,3,4,7 of July 2014 Counsel: Mr. Khalyaan Karunakaran, State Counsel for the Republic Mrs. Alexia Amesbury Attorney at Law for the Respondent Delivered: 7 July 2014 ORDER Burhan J [1] This is an application by the aforementioned applicant, seeking a court order under section 30 B (1)(b) of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) for the obtaining of finger print samples from the aforementioned respondent for forensic analysis and comparison. [2] Learned counsel for the respondent complained that sufficient time had not been given to her to prepare her defence. At her request court made order that she be allowed to speak with the respondent and prepare the necessary documents to be handed over to court. The respondent’s formal objections to the application were thereafter prepared and handed 1

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