Radio Communications Act, B.E. 2498 (1955)
Given on the 22nd Day of January B.E.2498;
Being the 10th Year of the Present Reign

By Royal Command of His Majesty King Bhumibhol Adulyadej, it is hereby proclaimed that:
Whereas it is appropriate to revise the law on radio communications;
His Majesty the King, by and with the advice and consent of the Assembly of the House of
Representatives, is graciously pleased to enact the following Act:
Section 1
This Act shall be called the “Radio Communications Act, B.E. 2498 (1955)“
Section 2
This Act shall come into force as from the day following the date of its publication in the
Government Gazette.
Section 3
The followings are hereby repealed:

Radio Communications Act, B.E.2478;


Radio Communications Act (No.2), B.E.2481;


Radio Communications Act (No.3), B.E.2483;


Radio Communications Act (No.4), B.E.2485;


Radio Communications Act (No.5), B.E.2491;


Radio Communications Act (No.6), B.E.2497;


All other laws, rules, and regulations insofar as they are provided for in this Act,
or are contrary to, or inconsistent with this Act.

Section 4
In this Act:
"hertzian waves" means electromagnetic waves having frequencies ranging from 10
kilohertz to 3,000,000 megahertz;
"radio communications" means the transmission or reception of signs, signals, writing,
images and sounds, or intelligence of any nature by means of hertzian waves;
"radio communication equipment" means radio communication transmitter, radio
communication receiver, or radio communication transceiver but does not include radio
and television broadcasting receiver, and radio communication transmitter, radio
communication receiver, or radio communication transceiver using hertzian waves which
have the characteristics or types of service as specified in the Ministerial Regulations;
For the purpose of controlling the use of radio communication equipment, any radio
communication component as specified in the Ministerial Regulations shall be deemed as
radio communication equipment.
"radio operator" means any person who operates radio communication equipment;
"radio communication station" means the place where the radio-communications are taken
"make" includes manufacture, modify, or re-assemble;


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