(Original Enactment: Act 3 of 1967)

(15th December 1998)

An Act to prevent the importation, distribution or reproduction of undesirable publications
and for purposes connected therewith.
April 1967]

Short title

This Act may be cited as the Undesirable Publications Act.

2.​ In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires —
“​authorised officer” means a public officer appointed under ​section 18(3)​ by the

Minister to be an authorised officer for the purposes of this Act;

“​broadcast” has the same meaning as in the ​Copyright Act (Cap. 63)​ and

“broadcasting” shall have a corresponding meaning;

“​Chief Controller” means the Chief Controller appointed under ​section 18(2)​;
“​circulation”, in relation to any publication, includes the exhibition or supply thereof;
“​controller” means a public officer appointed under ​section 18(1)​ by the Minister to

be a controller;

“​electronic transmission” includes facsimile transmission, electronic mail or other

similar means of communication but excludes broadcasting;
“​exhibit”, in relation to a sound recording, means to play that sound recording but

does not include the broadcasting of the sound recording;
“​film” has the same meaning as in the ​Films Act (Cap. 107)​;
“​importer”, in relation to any article, includes any person who, whether as owner,

consignee, agent or broker, is in possession of, or is in any way entitled to the
custody or control of, the article;

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