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Annex: The Broadcasting Law (unofficial
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Broadcasting Law
(2015, Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Law Number 53)
13/First of Wa Gaung/1377
The Pyidaungsu Hluttaw hereby enacts the following law.
Chapter I
Titles and Definitions

This Law shall be called the Broadcasting Law.
The following terms contained in this Law shall have the meanings given hereunder:
Broadcasting means transmission of radio and/or television programmes in
encoded and uncoded form by means of terrestrial transmitters, cables and
satellites intended the direct reception by the general public. In this definition,
internet based broadcasting shall not be included.
Advertising means paid-for spots broadcast and/ or sponsored programs which
aim to persuade the broadcast audience to promote or patronize/favor a
specific idea, individual, product, service and company.
Public service announcement means a non-profit broadcast which aims to
introduce or provide knowledge people to follow or to obey or to introduce
thoughts, ideas, intentions and suggestions or other reports which are
influence on the people, accordance with the sent reports.
Broadcasting services mean the public service broadcasting, commercial
sroadcasting services, community broadcasting services, government
broadcasting services and broadcast distributing services.
Public Service Broadcasting means the Public Service Radio and Television
Broadcasting abiding by and implementing the basic principles of the public
service media; such as, universalities, diversities and independence.
Commercial broadcasting services are commercial organizations, run by
Myanmar citizens, or foreigners or foreign organizations with the investment
granted by the current laws, which conduct radio or television broadcasting
and related activities for profit.
Community broadcasting services mean radio and television broadcasting
which is not intended for the profit, and administered by the civil societies,
nongovernmental organizations, public based organizations, acadameic societies
and other organization to distribute the necessary information for relevant
organization or civil society.
Government broadcasting services mean radio and television services which is
owned and administered by union level government organization, state, region
and self-administerative regional governments in order to broadcast public
information accurately.
Broadcast Distribution Services are organizations licensed to provide pay
broadcasting services. They distribute radio, television, multimedia programs

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