Law on the Media No. 01/NA, dated 25 July 2008

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Title: Law on the Media No. 01/NA, dated 25 July 2008
Type: Ministerial Instructions
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism
Issuing Date: 2008-07-25
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Chapter I:General Provisions
Article 1. Objective
Article 2.The Media
Article 3.Terms interpretation
Article 4.State’s Policies on Media Activities
Article 5.International Cooperation
Chapter II:Types and characteristics of the Media
Article 6.Types of the Media
Article 7.Printed Matters Media
Article 8.Electronic media
Article 9.Characteristics of Lao Media
Article 10.Realistic Characteristic
Article 11.Educational characteristic
Article 12.Organizational Directives Characteristic
Article 13.Fighting with Characteristic
Chapter III:Freedom’s rights of Lao Citizen in the Field of Media
Article 14.Freedom’s rights of Lao Citizens
Article 15.Rights to Freedom of Lao Citizens
Article 16.Freedom’s rights of Lao citizens on Information
Article 17.The Performance of Freedom’s Rights of Lao Citizens
Chapter IV:Media’s Activities
Article 18.Media’s Activities
Article 19.Seeking to know, Collecting Information
Article 20.Receiving the provision of Information from the Society
Article 21.Dissemination of texts, News and other Notifications
Article 22.Giving of Response
Article 23.Denying News
Article 24.Services
Article 25.Entertainment

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