21), __ ,_/\11 inforn·1a1io11 holder sha!! not disc lost' inft•n11ation \vhi,,,·.h i'n>tcdion of
has be.en requested 1vh~:rc the infi:innation hnlder deterrnines that ;x:rsona\
disc!osur1;, of the infi)r1nation requested \vou!d



in the in!OnnMion

1.1n1\.>asonab!e d isc!osure- of personal infi>nHation abl)Ut a third party .
JO. _,,\n lnfnrrnation ho!der rnay not disclose !nfonnation \vhich

Pr0tcct11>n (lf

h;i,_ he,;:n re.quested \\here disclosure of the inf1)rrnafion >votdd 1nfonnr1!iq1·1
th:tl preoene~
re«.t'i<)nab!y he eApc'l:tcd 10--~11ation11I
si:curity or
((f) cause darnagc to the security or defCnce of Malu.\vi or ckt\;nc~
\\·ou!d divulge infonnation \Vhich relates to the defence or
security of a foreign govcrnn1cnt vvhich is coinrnunicatcd n1
by, or on behalf of such foreign governrnent~


(bf disc\,Jse or enable a person to ascertain, the ex!stenc.e or
tdentity of a confidential source of inforn1ation fn relation to the
enf()rcen10n1 or ad!ldn\strn.tion of h1\v or endanger the 1\tC or


of any Pl'Xson; or

le} cause substanttal harrn to ihe !egitin1alc interests of the
Republic of Maki\v\ in crin1e prevention and any prelirnirHll)'
n1vestig11tion of crin1ina! or other unhn..vhd acts,



r\n inhH'n1aticin holder nu1;- rci'Lisc 11-> disclose 1n11:1rrnatlon

thut has been requested \vbcrc disclosure of that inf'{)rn1ation
has a real likelihood of endangering the lifC, health or safCty of a



10 pRcscrvc
the Hfi:\

hei!!th and



32, -( \) /\n inf(1rnlii.tion holder n1ay ref\.tse to d tose
lnforniation \\hlch
been requested \Y!K,re the infcir1nation..-

l'!Vl\:01Ki!I of



\a) cl>ns:ists of confldcntfal cotntnunicat\on b~~t\veen a n1edica! intDrrnation

prnctitiont'r and


(b) consists of confidentird eoo1THl1tni\cation bet\Nocn n hrv,,yer
and his c!ient~
(c) cons.is\s of confidential comn1unicat!on betvveen a
journa!lsi. and his infonnant or
(tf) \Vou!d \)ther\\

be prh-i!eged fron1 production in !ega!


(2) ·1 ht~ ini~1nnution in subse,;tion (l) n1ay be disclosed \Vhere the
client, source. or person entitled to the prlvi!t:.;ge, as the case
consents to the release
the infc1nnation or has \valved the
pri~ilege, or a court order is. rnade to that eJ1'ecL

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