On Mass Media
Non-official translation
The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 23 July 1999 No. 451-I
Unofficial translation
This Law regulates public relations in the field of mass media, establishes state
guarantees of their freedom in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of

Chapter 1. General provisions
Article 1. Basic definitions, used in this Law
The following definitions are used in this Law:
1) accreditation – procedure for appointment of journalist and recognition of his
(her) powers by the state body, public association and organization;
2) chief editor (editor) – an individual, heading editorial board of mass media
and having the relevant powers for its production and distribution, broadcast;
3) mass information – printed, audiovisual and other communications and materials
intended for unlimited circle of persons;
4) mass media – periodical printed publication, television- and radio channel,
documentaries, audiovisual record and other form of periodical or continuous public
distribution of mass information, including the web sites;
5) media products – circulation or part of circulation of particular number of
periodical printed publication or audiovisual program, particular production of radio,
television-, newsreel program, information, set on web site;
6) authorized body in the field of mass media – the state body, carrying out the
state regulation in the field of mass media (hereinafter – authorized body);
7) distribution of media products – sale (subscription, delivery, outgiving) of
periodical printed publications, broadcast of radio, television- programs, demonstration
of newsreel programs and placement of information on web-site;
8) editorial board of mass media – an individual or creative team, being
structural subdivision of a legal entity, carrying out collection, preparation of
materials and productionof mass media;
9) a journalist (a representative of mass media) – an individual, carrying out the
activity on collection, processing and preparation of communications and materials for
mass media on the basis of labor or other contractual relations;
10) complex – the set of buildings, linked with general designation and being the
one structure;
11) periodic printed publication – newspaper, journal, almanac, bulletin,
annexations to them, having permanent name, current number and produced not less than
once every three months;
12) cine-, video products of pornographic and special sexual and erotic nature –
natural, detailed recording of sexual act or demonstration of naked genital organs in
the process of sexual contact, enabling excitation of sexual desire or satisfaction of
sexual needs that are not in conformance with moral values, offending honor and dignity
of a human;
13) official communication – information, presented by state bodies for the
purpose of further distribution through mass media;
13-1) stationary premises – capital buildings, constructions or their part, having
the base, displacement of which is impossible without infliction of harm to their load
carrying structure;

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