Independence - Freedom Happiness

Law No.:

Hanoi, 05 April 2016


Pursuant to the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam;

National Assembly issues the Press Law.


Article 1. Scope of regulation

law provides for freedom of press, freedom of speech in the press of the citizens;
organization and operation of the press; rights and obligations of agencies, organizations
and individuals that participate in and are related to press activities; State management
over the press.
Article 2. Subjects of application
 This Law applies to the agencies, organizations and individuals that participate in and are
related to press activities in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Article 3. Interpretation of terms
In this Law, the terms below are construed as follows:
1. ​Press​ is the information product on the events and problems in social life that are
expressed in words, images, sounds, are created and periodically published, released and
transmitted to the general public through the type of the printed newspaper, talking
newspaper, photo newspaper and online newspaper.
2. ​Press activities​ are the creation of journalistic works, journalistic products, information
products information with journalistic characteristics; provide information and feedback to
the press; correct information in the press; publish, print and release the printed
newspapers, communicate the online newspapers and communicate and broadcast the
talking newspapers and photo newspapers;
3. ​Printed newspaper​ is the type of press using the text, pictures and photos that are
printed to release to the readers, including the printed newspapers and magazines.
4.​ ​Talking newspaper​ is the type of press using voice and sound transmitted and
broadcast on technical infrastructure with different technological application.

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