Industrial Property Regulations, 2002 27— 28— 29— 30— International-type search, s. 43 of the Act Examination as to substance, s. 44 of the Act Grant of patent, s. 45 of the Act Register of patents, s. 46 of the Act 31— 32— 33— 34— 35— PART V - INTERNATIONAL AND REGIONAL APPLICATIONS Filing requirements for international or regional application Entry of international application to national phase Conversion of refused international application Conversion of refused regional application Publication of certain international and regional applications PART VI - RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF THE APPLICANT OR THE OWNER OF THE INVENTION 36— Clarification of application to new use, s. 54 of the Act 37— “Parallel importation” PART VII - ANNUAL FEES 38— Annual fees PART VIII - CHANGE IN OWNERSHIP 39— Change of ownership of application or patent, s. 62 of the Act PART IX - CONTRACTUAL LICENCES 40— Petition to register licence contracts, s. 68 of the Act 41— Registration of contracts, s. 70 of the Act 42— Licences as of right, s. 79 of the Act PART X - EXPLOITATION BY GOVERNMENT 43— Exploitation by Government, s. 80 of the Act PART XI - UTILITY MODELS 44— Application of Regulations to utility models 45— 46— 47— 48— PART XII- INDUSTRIAL DESIGNS Register of industrial designs Copyrighted designs not registerable Application, s. 87 of the Act Publication of application 2

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