The Data Protection Bill, 2012 ARRANGEMENT OF CLAUSES Clause PART I—PRELIMINARY 1 — Short title. 2 — Interpretation. PART II—PERSONAL INFORMATION PROTECTION PRINCIPLES 3 — Objects of this Act. 4 — Principles of data protection. 5 — Right to protection of privacy. 6— Limitation. 7—Duty to notify. 8—Collection of personal information. 9— Exemption. 10— Data processing. 11— Protection and security of personal information. 12— Access to information. 13—Correction of information. 14— Use of information. 15— Storage of information. 16— Misuse of information. 17— Commercial use of data 18— Use of unique identifiers. 19— Interference with personal information PART III—CONFERMENT ON THE COMMISSION OF OVERSIGHT AND ENFORCEMENT FUNCTIONS AND POWERS 20— Role of the Commission on Administrative Justice. 21— Functions of the Commission. PART IV—COMPLAINTS, PROCEEDINGS AND SETTLEMENTS 1

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