ASA Ruling on Cash On Go Ltd

Upheld | E-mail | 20 March 2019

Ad description
An email from a nancial services company specialising in short-term loans, dated 24
January 2019, stated “… no one really knows what’s going on with this whole Brexit
malarkey … and some say it could affect the amount of food available … We do not want
to believe that Brexit will impact the amount of food available but it’s still a good idea to
have a little stockpile ready. That way you’re always prepared for the worst … Things can
pop up even when you think everything is going swimmingly … That’s when you might
need a little extra help”.
Bold text stated “IN CASE OF EMERGENCY PRESS HERE” and offered a promotional
discount. Smaller text stated “We’ll never tell you to take a loan - credit decisions should
only be made after careful consideration”.

The complainant challenged whether the ad irresponsibly encouraged people to take out
a loan by playing on their fears.

Cash On Go Ltd t/a stated that high-cost, short-term credit was not
suitable as a means of resolving nancial di culties. They had, therefore, intended to
promote their product as being primarily of bene t to those temporarily in need of
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