*oTT'iffir%H'e'touo" I-IBRARY SPECIAL ISSUE l4th Ausust,2015 Kenya Gazette Supplement No. 137 (Le ggg gislative Supplement No. 58 ) CORRIGENDUM IN the Legal Notice No. 41 of 2014Amend the expression "Mwangaza lJlio na Tumaini Clinic" to r e ad "Mw angaza Ul io na Tumain i Clin ic-Korogocho". LBcaI-NoTICENO. I63 THE KENYA INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS ACT (No.2 of 1998) IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred by section 27D of the Kenya Information and Communications Act, 1998, the Communications Authority of Kenya, makes the following RegulationsTHE KENYA INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS (REGISTRATION OF SIM-CARDS) REGULATIONS, 2015 l. These Regulations may be cited as the Kenya Information and Communications (Registration of SlM-cards) Regulations, 201 5. 2. In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise "Act" requires- Interpretation. means the Kenya Information and Communications Act; "activate" means to No.2 of 1998. by a subscriber of by a telecommunications enable access telecommunications services provided operator or agent; "agent" means a person contracted or engaged by a telecommunications operator or by a third party on behalf of a telecommunications operator to carry out the registration of SlM-cards under these Regulations; "Authority" means the Communications Authority of Kenya; "deactivate" means to disable the access of a subscriber of telecommunications services provided by a telecommunications operator; a "identification particulars" means details given by a subscriber to telecommunications operator or an agent for the purpose of regisffation; "guardian" in relation to a child includes any person who in the opinion of the court has charge or control of the child and is recognized by law as having legal capacity to make decisions on behalf of that child; Citation.

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