Collection of Laws for Electronic Access YH NIGERIA Citation and Commencement 2. This Order may be cited as the Copyright (Reciprocal Extension) Order 1972 and shall be deemed to have come into force on 24th December 1970. Schedule Andorra Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Cambodia Canada Chile Costa Rica Cuba Czechoslovakia Denmark Ecuador Finland France Germany Ghana Greece Guatemala Haiti Holy See Iceland India Ireland Israel Italy Japan Kenya Laos Lebanon Liberia Liechtenstein Luxembourg Malawi Malta Mauritius Mexico Monaco Netherlands New Zealand Nicaragua Norway Pakistan Panama Paraguay Peru Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland Tunisia United Kingdom U.S.A. Venezuela Yugoslavia Zambia Made at Lagos this 1st day of February 1972. WENNIKE BRIGGS Federal Commissioner for Trade Explanatory Note: (This note does not form part of the Order but is intended to explain its purpose) NG002EN Copyright (Reciprocal Extension), Order, 01/02/1972, No. 32 page 2/3

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