Authentic in Lao language only

Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Peace Independence Democracy Unity Prosperity
National Assembly

No: 09/NA
Vientiane Capital, date: 21 December 2011

Law on Telecommunications (Amended)
Part I
General Provisions
Article 1 (Amended).Objectives
This Law determines the principles, regulations and measures regarding the
organization, activities, management, monitoring, inspection of the operation of
telecommunication businesses, telecommunication resources, technical standards, supply and
usage of telecommunication services to ensure quality, accessibility for all, convenience,
fairness, continuity of development and modernization aiming at ensuring national security
and safety, as well as generating revenue to the State budget contributing to the protection and
development of the nation.
Article 2 (new). Telecommunications
Telecommunication means the communication by transmission and reception of data,
information, sound, pictures, numbers, letters, symbols by means of transmission lines, optical
fibers, radio frequencies, electro-magnetic wave guides, any other mediums or a combination
of mediums.
Article 3 (amended). Definitions
The terms used in this Law shall have the meaning as follows:


Telecommunication network means a system of telecommunications
infrastructure consisting of wired and wireless systems or interconnection of both
systems including equipment incorporated in one or several categories of
telecommunication services.
Telecommunication resources mean frequencies, telephone numbers, internet
numbers, internet domain names, positions of satellite orbits and
telecommunication infrastructures.

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