THIRD SECTION CASE OF OOO FLAVUS AND OTHERS v. RUSSIA (Applications nos. 12468/15 and 2 others – see appended list) JUDGMENT Article 10 • Freedom to receive and impart information • Unjustified wholesale blocking of opposition online media outlets in breach of requirement to specify offending content • Prior restraint on publications in absence of judicial decision on the illegality of the impugned content • Wholesale blocking of access to an entire website being an extreme measure comparable to banning a newspaper or television station • Blocking access to an entire website having practical effect of extending scope of blocking order far beyond illegal content originally targeted • Domestic law lacking safeguards against excessive and arbitrary effects of blocking measures • Notification and involvement of website owners in blocking proceedings not required by law • Blocking measures not sanctioned by court or other independent adjudicatory body • No prior assessment of impact and immediate enforcement of the blocking measure depriving interested parties of the opportunity to appeal • Domestic courts’ failure to perform a Conventioncompliant review considering less intrusive means Article 13 in conjunction with Article 10 • Effective remedy • Failure of courts to consider the substance of grievance or to examine lawfulness or proportionality of effects of blocking order STRASBOURG 23 June 2020 FINAL 16/11/2020 This judgment has become final under Article 44 § 2 of the Convention. It may be subject to editorial revision.

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