Electronic Communications Act, 2008 ACT 775 Electronic Communications Act, 2008 ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS Section Application 1. Application and scope Broadcasting service 2. Broadcasting services Licences and frequency authorisations 3. Requirement for a licence for public electronic communications service 4. Licence conditions 5. Obligations with respect to individual licences 6. Obligations of individual licensees 7. Class licences or authorisations 8. Obligations of operators of electronic communications networks and communication service 9. Requirement for a frequency authorisation 10. Obligations regarding frequency authorisations 11. Conditions of frequency authorisations 12. Authorisation to operate in territorial waters or airspace 13. Suspension and revocation of licences and frequency authorisation 14. Amendment of licences and frequency authorisations 15. Emergency licences 16. Duration and renewal of licence and frequency authorisation 17. Regulation of premium rates 18. Special licences 19. Directions for the reporting of information Interconnection 20. Interconnection Access to facilities and international transmission capacity 21. Access to facilities and public rights of way 22. Access to international transmission capacity 1

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