Republic of Namibia COPYRIGHT AND NEIGHBOURING RIGHTS PROTECTION ACT 6 OF 1994 [Government Gazette: 5 May 1994 No. 845] [Date of Commencement: 5 May 1994] ACT To provide for the protection of copyright and performers’ rights, and to provide for matters incidental thereto. BE IT ENACTED by the Parliament of the Republic of Namibia, as follows:INTRODUCTORY PROVISIONS 1 Interpretation (1) In this Act, unless the context otherwise indicates"adaptation", in relation to(a)a literary work, includes(i) in the case of a non-dramatic work, a version of the work in which it is converted into a dramatic work; (ii) in the case of a dramatic work, a version of the work in which it is converted into a nondramatic work; (iii) a translation of the work; or (iv) a version of the work in which the story or action is conveyed wholly or mainly by means of pictures in a form suitable for reproduction in a book or in a newspaper, magazine or similar periodical; (b) a musical work, includes an arrangement or transcription of the work, if such arrangement or transcription has an original creative character; (c) an artistic work, includes a transformation of the work in such a manner that the original or substantial features thereof remain recognisable; (d) a computer program, includes(i) a version of the program in a programming language, code or notation different from that of the program; or (ii) a fixation of the program in or on a medium different from the medium of fixation of the program; "artistic work" means, irrespective of its artistic quality(a) a painting, sculpture, drawing, engraving or photograph; (b) a work of architecture, being either a building or a model of a building; or (c) a work of craftsmanship not falling within either a model of a building; or

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