Electronic and Postal Communications (Mobile Number Portability) G.N. No. 422 (contd) GOVERNMENT NOTICE NO. 422 published on 9/12/2011 THE ELECTRONIC AND POSTAL COMMUNICATIONS ACT (CAP.306) _______ REGULATIONS _______ THE ELECTRONIC AND POSTAL COMMUNICATIONS (MOBILE NUMBER PORTABILITY) REGULATIONS, 2011 ARRANGEMENT OF REGULATIONS Regulation Title PART I PRELIMINARY PROVISIONS 1. 2. 3. Citation Application Interpretation PART II THE MOBILE NUMBER PORTABILITY 4. 5. 6. Powers of the Authority Number porting approach, solutions and conditions Status of a ported number PART III THE NUMBER PORTING PROCEDURES, CLEARINGHOUSE, AND ASSOCIATED CHARGES 7. 8. 9. Changing from one mobile network operator to another Number portability clearinghouse obligations Licensee’s obligations on number portability 91

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