THE PREVENTION OF TERRORISM ACT, 2002 ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS Section Title PART I PRELIMINARY PROVISIONS 1. Short title. 2. Application. 3. Interpretation PART II PROHIBITION FOR ACTS OF TERRORISM 4. Definition and prohibition for terrorist act. 5. Commission of offence of terrorist meeting. 6. Offence of proscribed organization for commission of terrorist act. 7. Rendering support to terrorism. 8. Harbouring terrorist. 9. Possession of unauthorized articles, information, etc. 10. Prohibition against false threats of terrorist act. 11. Overriding effect. PART III SPECIFIED ENTITIES 12. International terrorism. PART IV OFFENCES 13. Provision or collection of funds to commit terrorist acts. 14. Collection of property or provision of property and services, for commission of terrorist act. 15. Use property for commission of terrorist act. 16. Arrangements for retention or control of terrorist property. 17. Dealing with property owned or controlled by terrorist groups. 18. Soliciting and giving support to terrorist groups for the commission of terrorist act. . I

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