LEGAL NOTICE NO. 160 THE ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT AND CO-ORDINATION ACT (No. 8 of 1999) THE ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT AND CO­ ORDINATION (CONSERVATION OF BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY AND RESOURCES, ACCESS TO GENETIC RESOURCES AND BENEFIT SHARING) REGULATIONS, 2006 ARRANGEMENT OF REGULATIONS PART I - PRELIMINARY 1— Citation. 2 —Interpretation. 3— Application. PART II – CONSERVATION OF BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY 4— Environmental Impact Assessment Licence. 5— Conservation of threatened species. 6— Inventory of biological diversity. 7— Monitoring of status. 8— Protection of environmentally significant areas. PART III – ACCESS TO GENETIC RESOURCES 9— Access permit. 10— Notification of application. 11— Determination of application. 12— Form of access permit. 1

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