No. 17 Vvriaen Laws (Miscellaneous . 2010 Amendments) No.3 5 THE UNTTED REPUBLIC OF T AJ'-JZANIA NO; 17 OF 2010 I ASSENT, .-- :] I', --J.~~ ~ ~~~~~ ' ' r\-. lL~~~\~ . . '- \ President An Act to amend certain -written la"ys. ENACTED by Parliament of the United Republic of Ta.r1zania. PART I PRELIMINARY PROVIS10NS Short title 1. This Act may be cited as the vVritten (1VIiscellaneous Amendments) (No.3) Act, 2010. Amendment of certain written laws The written Jaws specified in various Parts of this Act are amended iD the manner specified in t..~eir respective Parts. Laws 2. p ART II AMENDI,lSNT ConstrLlctj on Ac: No . .3 of 2(\]0 OF THE ELECTRONIC AND POSTAL Co j\·fMUf-JlCA TIONS ACT, • 20 j 0 3. This Part shall be read as one with the Electronic and Postal Corrununicat1ons Act hereinafter referred to ~.r.; :he "principal Act".

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