IP-RS: Access to Public Information Act

2015-05-04, 3:39 PM

(2) With a view to achieve the aim of this Act, the bodies shall endeavor to inform the public on their work to
the greatest extent possible.

Article 3
(Gender Form)

The terminology in this Act referring to persons and written in masculine form shall be used as neutral for
both, feminine and masculine forms.

Article 3.a
(1) The term majority proportion has the same meaning as defined in the law governing companies.
(2) The term managing authority refers to the authority executing managing entitlement in another legal
entity of private law that is not a company.
(3)BAMC refers to the Bank Assets Management Company incorporated under the law governing the
measures adopted by the Republic of Slovenia to strengthen banking stability.”
Article 3.b
(Register of Legal Persons Liable for Public Information)
(1) The organisation competent for public and legal records and services incorporated under the law
governing payment transactions (hereinafter: competent organisation) shall establish and keep a public
register of legal persons liable (hereinafter: register of persons liable), which shall contain information on:
- persons liable referred to in Article 1 of this Act,
- the persons liable referred to in item 1 of paragraph 2 of Article 1.a of this Act where the dominant
influence is exercised directly or indirectly through another company on the basis of the majority proportion
of the subscribed capital, and
- the persons liable referred to in item 2 of paragraph 2 of Article 1.a of this Act, where the Republic of
Slovenia, self-governing local communities or other entities of public law act directly as founders.
(2) The register of persons liable contains information on:
- the name of the legal entity's business,
- the legal entity's office and business address,
- the legal entity's registration number,
- the legal entity's tax identification number,
- the participating interest of entities of public law in the business entity share capital,
- legal grounds for public authorisation awarded or public service provided,
- the applicant in the event the registration is based on an application,
- other legal grounds for registration in the register of persons liable,

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