Food and Drugs Act. 199 P.N.D.C.L.3058 P.N.D.C.L. 3058 FOOD AND DRUGS ACT, 1992 ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS Foods SECTION I. Prohibition against sale of unwholesome food. 2. Food offered as a prize. 3. Deception of consumers. 4. Standards of foods. 5. Prohibition against sale of poor quality food. 6. Manufacture of food under supervision. 6A. Mandatory fortification of salt. 7. Sale of food under unsanitary conditions. 8. Food unfit for human consumption. 9. Penalty and defence. 10. Closure of premises. Drugs, Cosmetics, Devices and Chemical Substances 11. Prohibited sale of drugs and other chemical substances. 12. Standards for drugs. 13. Prohibition on disposal of chemical substances. 14. Deception of consumers. 15. Prohibited advertisement. 16. Control of manufacture of drugs. 17. Restriction on importation, and manufacture of drugs. 18. Registration of drugs. 19. Quality certificate on imported drugs. 20. Licence for registering drugs. 21. Renewal of registration and licences. 22. Drugs not to be distributed as samples. 23. Clinical trials and tests. 24. Registration of herbal and homeopathic drugs. 25. Registers. 26. Penalties. Administration 27. Establishment of Food and Drugs Board. 28. Functions of the Board. IV - 901 [Issue I]

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