GOVERNMENT REGULATION IN LIEU OF LEGISLATION OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA NO 1/2002 ON COMBATING CRIMINAL ACTS OF TERRORISM THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA Considering: a) whereas in order to achieve the national goals as stated in the preamble of the 1945 Constitution, namely to protect the nation and territory of Indonesia, to advance public welfare, to educate the nation and to participate in maintaining world order based on freedom, lasting peace and social justice, it is absolutely necessary to uphold law and order consistently and sustainably; b) whereas terrorism has claimed human lives intolerably and raised widespread fear among the community or has caused the loss of freedom and damage of property, therefore measures need to be taken to eliminate it; c) whereas terrorism has maintained extensive networks, such that it poses a threat to the national and international peace and security; d) whereas the combating of terrorism is based on national and international commitment to create national legislation with reference to international conventions and legislation relating to terrorism; e) whereas the prevailing legislation to date is neither comprehensive nor adequate to combat criminal acts of terrorism; f) whereas based on the consideration set forth in points (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e), and the pressing need to combat Criminal Acts of Terrorism through the formulation of a Government Regulation in Lieu of Legislation; Referring to: Section 22(1) of the 1945 Constitution, as amended by the Fourth Amendment to the 1945 Constitution; DECIDES: To Establish: THE GOVERNMENT REGULATION IN LIEU OF LEGISLATION ON COMBATING CRIMINAL ACTS OF TERRORISM CHAPTER I GENERAL PROVISIONS

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