fh.Tf"kJ' ~1..t.I\ce .ct'l"h/~C\.J'ce ~TlIl\.h - ~1o~A - ";J~:t ;JJtlf) FEDERAL NEGARIT GAZETA OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA h9"h"'~: ~OD:" <h'PC t!{ hJlh hn'l (a~t!1 +') Ii~f1.ii f th1'-fI .,.wt)v-:f 9"hc 11...,.m'I<I:~:" fWtJ) CONTENTS O?l&6fiJ. h'P;(- <h'PC iiy.<:~/Hif11i ~'9'" f11C'.('t)h"" h'P;(" 1~ li7f.lifIil Proclamation Broadcasting hCP;(- <h,,'C iiy.<:~/Ii1f1{i ""'1 C' 51hYear No. 62 ADDIS ABABA - 29thJune, 1999 nl\. :"V-k.f 4..Y..t.I\ceJl quht."".fce ~T111\.h No. 178/1999 Proclamation PROCLAMATION ~,t) h:" h 1 /.\ "ll\"'''' f"7. ODt.n T'} , C~ T /\OD1.'}1"l fWtJ) h'P;(- , . f11 C'.('t) h"" h 1 /.\ "I I\"'} ft.,'} C:C"I1i '} I T9"UC T'i fOD1''i~ TC'''lt.9'' /\th1'11 nOY:'>l1) I\h,}1: h1C T/\i:t)ce= ",..,.M.ce'i ,.d1'i"7..fce iJ~'1'}' hc;:"'~ "7. 'I' f"7. 65AWT nODlr~1 w'h,} flJ"'C IHH' frr~w' ft..JlV- '1"11: nh"l"'" I\~ OD'P/\',} Ulll:J1'P nOYilt,/\", I 1':'>9" . Page 1119 NO. 178/1999 A PROCLAMATION TO PROVIDE FOR THE SYSTEMATIC MANAGEMENT OF BROADCASTING SERVICE WHEREAS, broadcasting service plays a big role in the political, economic and social development of the country by providing information, education and entertainment programmes to the public; WHEREAS, it is essential to ensure prop~r utilisation of the limited radiowave wealth of the country; WHEREAS, it has been found essential to clearly define f11C'~'t)h'}' h1/.\"II\""" nODilmT , t. I\~ f"7.IPOY'" the rights and obligations of persons who undertake broad(a9':f') OD1H'c.' "IY..:" n"l/.\~' ODW(a'} hilt.l\'llf'i nl\.'}'f'A'.r OD,}"l"""'" h,}"'~' 4..Y..t.l\ce .It quht,,,,,.fce nOD11-l: I ~T-fll\.h 9.?iliil ODIPI.'}' f"7.h.,./\w, ."'ID-~/.\ th1 II casting service; NOW, THEREFORE, PART ONE General m :'>1\1\ h6f!>C ciJil ~U hCP:~ "f-flC' ~.t)h'}' "'1)1\" I\.m«l'h I' with Article 55( I) Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows: h("~/.\ h '}1: Ii' in accordance of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic of Republic of ~'.fl\/.\ <h1'C lif<:~/Iilf1Ii" h"'~ I: ""c:~00t f.4>/\, h','HI 1\.1\ 'h:"'9u lULU hCP:~ (o'il'" ii' "ft..J;,f' /\''''IJ(a~ nh.,..,.C I 'I"',.~,:" OY'~nc ft..J;,f' fOl/..f(amlD- t)/.\Ir~ u.,,~.)- n~/\9" f-t;l\.f1tJD'~h.1i'} Y:HI (IDV.'I.')' "'m.4>",. h1/.\"II\"'}' f"'ODy,n ft...ltf' /\"7..rlD-/\w< qu1~' ~ID- I 1. Short Title This Proclamation may be cited as the' 'Broadcasting proclamation No. 178/1999." 2. Definitions In this Proclamation, unless the context reqUires otherwise: I) "Radio Wave" shall mean a radio wave assigned to users for a specific ser",ice in accordance with the radio regulations of Internationl Telecommunication Union; .(").C;.'p:J 4. 40 ~;Jt-1' ;JlLfIJ 7"""'11. 'U'~:f! Unit Price Negarit G.P.O.Box 80,001

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