I         FEDERAL NEGARIT GAZETTE OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA y A!FT 7Y -." z5 A F A% {| } U> 506/ 7.! I       !" # $%&  25th Year No.82 ADDIS ABABA 12th August, 2019 '() Content A+, -." /0/123/506/ 7.! Proclamation No.1148/2019 9:;<=> A?@A A+,……...?C 6/0D1E3 Communications Service Proclamation...Page 11,538 A+, -." /0/123/ /0/123/506/ PROCLAMATION NO. 1148/2019 FG 9:;<=> A?@A  A+, A PROCLAMATION FOR THE COMMUNICATIONS SERVICE 9:;<=> A?@AH A?I I9JK EM 'N EP? Q RST $UVW  X( YZMX(> Y?>[\ WHEREAS, Communication Services serves an essential function in the economic and social development of the Country; Y>@] A?I> I9JK M 'N EP? G'^^ _`9:;<=> ? ]"7I> E> ?M G' aM (PP" Q Ybc _`9:;<=> A?@A Ad"e E> J" f YZgh WHEREAS, the Government has decided to restructure the telecommunications market and introduce competition in the provision of telecommunications service in order to enhance the economic and social development of the Country; Y>@] _`9:;<=> ?(> E> ?M G'+U"M _`9:;<=> ? (PP"> G'Fi> FUY$(> j Ad) G'k l\ @m EM $& G( n %G]> 'oo! AFi p YZg\ WHEREAS, the establishment of an independent, transparent, and accountable Regulatory Authority is necessary to achieve the Government’s policy of restructuring the telecommunications market and introducing competition; I     ? Y>@] A>UC qD(/) Ybc KRG( W(tuu NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55(1) of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows. S A>P A$v Q /. Aw" "EF QN A+, "9:;<=> A?@A A+, -." /0/123 / 506/" A $UF Q . ÃNÇ êU Unit Price PART ONE GENERAL 1. Short Title This Proclamation may be cited as the “Communications Service Proclamation No. 1148/2019.” nU¶T Uz¤È ±.œ.q.Ü *¹þ1 Negarit G. P.O.Box 80001

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