Federal Negarit Gazeta 13th Year No. 13 ADDIS ABABA-27th February, 2006 Page 3353 CONTENTS Proclamation No. 482/2006 Access to Genetic Resources and Community Knowledge, and Community Rights Proclamation …. Page 3351 PROCLAMATION NO. 482/2006 A PROCLAMATION TO PROVIDE FOR ACCESS TO GENETIC RESOURCES AND COMMUNITY KNOWLEDGE AND COMMUNITY RIGHT WHEREAS, the immense biodiversity wealth Ethiopia is endowed with must be conserved and sustainably utilized for the benefit and development of its peoples; WHEREAS, it is necessary to recognize the historical contribution Ethiopian communities made to the conservation, development and sustainable utilization of biodiversity resources; WHEREAS, Ethiopia is a part to the Convention on Biological Diversity and Convention requires the enactment of access legislation; WHEREAS, Ethiopia has agreed to the African Model Law on Community, Farmers’ and Plant Breeders’ Right and Access to Biological Resources; WHEREAS, it is necessary to protect and encourage the customary use of genetic resources by Ethiopian communities which are relevant to the conservation and sustainable use of the biodiversity resources of the country; WHEREAS, it is necessary to recognize and protect the knowledge of Ethiopian communities generated and accumulated with respect to the conservation and utilization of genetic resources and promote the wider application of such knowledge with the approval and sharing benefits by such communities; WHEREAS, it is necessary to involve communities in the making of decisions concerning the use of genetic resources and community knowledge and sharing of benefits derived from the utilization thereof;

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