In exercise of the power conferred by section 12 of the Broadcasting Act, the Minister responsible for
broadcasting matters, with the approval of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan, hereby makes the
following Notification:
Citation and commencement.
This Notification may be cited as the Broadcasting (Class Licence)
Notification, 200 1and shall commence on the 12 February 2001.
For the purposes of this Notification:

“Internet Content Provider” means:

any individual in Brunei Darussalam who provides any
programme, for business, political or religious purposes, on the
World Wide Web through the Internet; or


any corporation or group of individuals (including any
association, business, club, company, society, organisation or
partnership, whether registrable or incorporated under the laws of
Brunei Darussalam or not) who provides any programme on the
World Wide Web through the Internet,

and includes any web publisher and any web server administrator;
“Internet Service Provider” means any of the following persons:

an Internet Access Service Provider licensed under section 3 of
the Telecommunications Act (Chapter 54);


a Localised Internet Service Reseller; or


a Non-localised Internet Service Reseller;

“Localised Internet Service Reseller” means a person:

who obtains Internet access from an Internet Access Service
Provider or from a Non-localised Internet Service Reseller; and


who provides Internet services obtained from the Internet Access
Service Provider, or the Non-localised Internet Service Reseller,
to all or part of the public; and


whose Internet services are available for reception only within a
single building, dwelling-house, hospital, educational institution,

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